Business Vision

Vision Implementation

Scenic Energy’s vision, to be leading the change of how energy is produced and used throughout the Southeast, is aggressive, but attainable. The company will employ a “buy then build” strategic acquisition growth model focused on purchasing existing electrical and/or HVAC businesses with a solid industrial/commercial customer base and a track record of profitability.

Using this well-proven model will provide both an immediate customer base to fund ongoing operations while allowing the Scenic Energy team to rapidly deploy a portfolio of energy efficiency services to meet customer’s immediate and long-term energy reduction goals.

Scenic Energy has assembled an experienced and accomplished management team capable of taking full advantage of this entrepreneurial acquisition growth model.  Using the knowledge gained from over 30 years of developing, advising and marketing businesses, each member of the team brings a unique set of skills and experience as senior executives in a variety of industries. Scenic Energy will also leverage over six years of expertise in operating an energy services company.

Despite the fact that the energy efficiency movement started in 1976, there is still a tremendous growth opportunity ahead.  Advanced Energy Economy, a national business association, states in the 2017 Advanced Energy Now Market Report advanced energy service in the US has grown a total of 28% of 5% annually since 2011. In 2016, advanced energy, including efficiency services, had a market size of over $200 billion.

The future growth in energy services will continue to change the landscape for business and industry around the world, so much so, that one major influencer in the energy space has called “energy, the new oil.”

Energy customers are becoming more sophisticated and looking for new answers to their energy needs. This places Scenic Energy in the enviable position of entering a market just as key technological components are making it easier for non-utility sponsored entities to compete in this space.